The organization was founded on 1 April, 2015 in Ramstein and bears the name "US Youth Soccer Europe". Located at On Hocht 1, 66877 Landstuhl Bach, we are registered in the Local Court of Zweibr├╝cken. Our fiscal calendar follows a traditional calendar year. The official colors for the organization are blue and white.

Organizational Goal:


 The organization's goal is the care of the sport soccer on a broad basis and the promotion of soccer as means to maintain health and as a way for young people in particular, to test their performance.

Organizational Purpose:

  US Youth Soccer Europe & European US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program is based in Ramstein, is exclusively a nonprofit organization, for the purposes of the section "tax privileged purposes" of the German tax regulation. The purpose of the organisation is to promote the sport and athletic youth services. The purpose is achieved by organizing camps, training and practice sessions, participation in league and cup rounds, the promotion of youth sports, especially the integration of the American population in Germany and Europe, as well as the construction of sports facilities.

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US Youth Soccer Europe e.V.