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whether you call iT soccer or football, we love this game. we think you will too.


US Youth Soccer Europe is a state level program for children of American citizens living abroad. The USYS Europe is the governing body that oversees the district programs and the European US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (ODP). 
Our number one goal is to educate and train the kids to become better players no matter what level they are. From the very first time touching the ball, up to the most skilled players, our overall program has a place for them and our coaching staff knows how to promote skills so they all learn. The flagship program of USYS Europe is the European US Youth Soccer ODP, where the top talent from each area is selected to become part of an age group pool. The selected players will be called back a few times a year for a centralized training camp. We also select our players for any international tournaments we are invited to from the European US Youth Soccer ODP pool. At this level we have a very strong, professional coaching staff to ensure the best possible training program for our more talented players to help them increase their skill level.

We also assist in matching high school players with colleges and universities as the youth become ready to take this step. Our network reaches every state and every division of play in the US.

Come join us and have fun. We've got a place for everyone in THE GAME FOR ALL KIDS!