USYS-Europe / Vicenza District

President: Theresa Urquilla

USYS-Europe / Stuttgart District

(covers the state of Baden Wurttenburg)

President: David Segalla

USYS-Europe / District and contact information:

Kaiserslautern Military Community (KMC)

(Covers the southwest side of Germany)

President: Isaiah Mann

Second President:

Sebastian Korst

Third President:


USYS-Europe / Belgium

President: Amy Alexander

USYS-Europe / United Kingdom District

(covers all of UK)

President: Peter Poelzlbauer

Maribel Rodriguez

Executive Assistant of Sebastian Korst

Email Maribel

USYS-Europe / Naples District

President: D.J. Honebein

Rest of Europe: OPEN

Please send an email for more information. 

USYS-Europe / Bavaria District

(covers all of the state of Bavaria)

President: Joe Terrell

US Youth Soccer Europe Directors

USYS-Europe / Wiesbaden District

(covers the state of Hessen and central Germany)

President: Dan Ruiz

Welcome to:

US Youth Soccer Europe e.V.

First President:

Peter Poelzlbauer

Email Peter